We Offer Training

We Offer Training

Enhance your eyebrows in the most natural way available today.
Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

Turn baldness into boldness with scalp micropigmentation!
Lip Blush

Lip Blush

Enhance your lips with soft lip color.


Regain Confidence and Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Microblading

Enhance your eyebrows in the most natural way available today with Microblading.

We are here for you during the whole process, from outlining to touch-ups. We customize the treatment for each client in accordance with their facial features, skin tone, and brow structure.

Looks are a huge part of your attitude, and we make sure that you leave Ayna Beauty Studio looking and feeling your very best.

An amazing world is hidden in your eyes, and your eyebrows frame that world beautifully! Get started on crafting your world your way!

Turn Baldness Into Boldness with Scalp Micropigmentation!

Do not wait another moment to change your life by beating baldness where it is most vulnerable – on your head!

Scalp micropigmentation is a natural-looking, non-invasive procedure that conceals scars and thinning areas so you can love what you see when you look in the mirror.

You will become more confident, brave, and willing to take on challenges that previously took a lot of courage. See why Ayna is such a sought-after micropigmentation artist.

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