Microblading Salmon Creek WA

Microblading in Salmon Creek WA by Ayna Beauty Studio

Eyebrow Microblading is an Exciting New Way to Enhance Your Natural Look

We make sure that you leave our permanent makeup clinic feeling your best by performing precise permanent makeup application for individuals looking for solutions to thin or uneven brows.

Your licensed microblading artist at Ayna Beauty Studio uses sought-after techniques to create flawless eyebrows for her clients, meticulously planning and focusing on details to ensure her clients beam when they look in the mirror.

Since microblading is a relatively new concept in permanent makeup, many of our clients have questions about our process. Though we customize each session in accordance with your unique features, skin tone, and existing brow structure, all clients receive a thorough one-on-one consultation before we:

  1. Discuss and agree on a shape
  2. Meticulously measure and outline the best shape for you using a removable pencil line
  3. Apply topical numbing cream and liquid anesthetic to minimize discomfort
  4. Use a hand tool with special needles to make small incisions where tattoo pigment is placed

We Specialize in Microblading Eyebrows with Care and Precision

We know that permanent makeup is a big step, which is why our estheticians take special care to deliver superior results. With a combination of extensive training in esthetics and continuing education, our specialists consistently deliver on their promise to enhance your natural beauty the right way. Many of our clients have come to us after a bad experience at a spa or salon that cut corners, and have expressed passionate gratitude for our refined techniques and remarkable results.

Don’t leave your beauty in the hands of uncommitted “experts.” At Anya Beauty Studio, our purpose is clear. To help you feel and look your best by being here every step of the way; from consultation to future touch-ups.

Call or stop by our beauty studio near Salmon Creek for a free permanent makeup consultation!


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