Microblading Camas WA

Microblading in Camas WA by Ayna Beauty Studio

Microblading Enhances Your Natural Beauty

Ayna Beauty Studio attracts clients from around Camas who are looking for affordable, high-quality microblading solutions from a licensed permanent make-up clinic.

With an extensive education in esthetics, Ayna Zukic provides her clients with stunning results and the chance to feel confident again.

She takes pride in creating a comfortable, safe, and sterile environment where her clients who traveled all the way from Camas can relax and prepare to look their best.

How does microblading work?

Microblading or microstroking is meant to improve eyebrow definition using tiny, semi-permanent ink strokes. This tattoo-like process involves a tool with needles that have been fused together to form somewhat of a fine paintbrush.

Special ink is then pressed into the upper dermis, with each stroke appearing just like a crisp eyebrow hair.

Like a tattoo, permanent makeup fades over the years. So, prepare to get touch-ups periodically to keep your brows looking beautiful!

Each treatment is customized based on the client’s natural brow shape, tone, and hair texture. After a thorough one-on-one consultation, we:

  1. Discuss and agree on a design
  2. Measure and outline the desired shape with a removable pencil line
  3. Apply topical numbing cream and liquid anesthetic to minimize discomfort
  4. Using a hand tool with special needles, fine hair strokes are drawn

Incredible Eyebrow Tattoos for Fuller, More Balanced Permanent Makeup

The cosmetic eyebrow tattooing process takes between two and three hours from initial consultation to completion.

Your esthetician, Ayna, always takes great care to avoid mistakes and prevent unsatisfactory results by taking precise measurements and reviewing detailed plans with you beforehand.

While the pigment is being injected, you may feel some pressure or slight discomfort, but eyebrow embroidery is otherwise pain-free and entirely rewarding.

After the process is complete, your new eyebrows will be ready for photos and endless mirror-gazing! However, the full healing process will take anywhere from two weeks to 30-days.

At this point, we recommend that you return for a touch-up and to make sure that the skin is healing normally.

Aftercare is very simple. And despite Camas’ wealth of wonderful swimming holes, it’s best to avoid direct sunlight and swimming for the first few weeks. And be sure to apply moisturizer to minimize dryness! We also provide powder brows in Vancouver, Salmon Creek, and Ridgefield.

Call today for microblading, post-process healing advice, and eyebrow touch-ups in Camas, Washington! Free consultations for first-time clients.


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Brows Brows Brows!

I was so impressed with my experience and the outcome I’m going back for round two. Three years later. I can’t believe how long my brows lasted, and everything I was informed of happened. They were DARK, then they faded and flaked, and then they just appeared and it was a dream. Can’t wait for… Read more “Brows Brows Brows!”

Charlotte Thiel

100% BEST Beauty Decision

I’m in LOVE with my eyebrows again! I had powder brows done and absolutely love the natural look. I no longer have to fill in sparse areas! My mom LOVED mine so much I gave her a brow gift certificate!!!

Kelli E.

You are amazing!

I had my eyebrows microbladed and powder fill and I’m absolutely in love with them! You did amazing and not to mention you are just an awesome person in general. Thank you for bringing so much confidence to my self esteem!

Mistie Davis

Thank You.

Thanks so much for introducing me to microbladding! This gave me to confidence boost I was looking for!

Jazmine R.