Eyebrow Tattoo Ridgefield

Eyebrow Tattoo in Ridgefield

Control the Shape and Fullness of Your Brows with a Professional Eyebrow Tattoo

For some of us, eyebrows aren’t a given. They can be thin, imbalanced, not ideally shaped, or even an unpreferable shade.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Visit our permanent makeup clinic to talk about how an eyebrow tattoo enhances the look and eliminates the constant upkeep of your eyebrows; creating soft, natural-looking brows for good.

Also referred to as microblading, eyebrow tattooing is a painless, extremely precise procedure involving pigment deposits to create the look of hair strands along the brow line.

Microblading solves the problem of constantly applying eyebrow pencil filler and watching it fade throughout the day.

Clients find that not having to worry about their brows during exercise, swimming, showering, or sleeping is priceless. Is an eyebrow tattoo right for you?

So, eyebrow tattoos are semi-permanent?

Yes, though the process works much like traditional tattooing, the pigment is formulated differently and it is not injected as deeply into the skin. This just means that follow-up appointments with your permanent-makeup artist will be necessary, but never urgent.

Cosmetic tattoos are applied using a pigment that is specially designed to subtly fade, allowing for adjustments to color and shape as you change over the years.

Microbladed eyebrows fade slightly over time, which is a good thing! This allows you to use touch-ups as an opportunity to adjust areas according to your naturally changing facial structure and hair color.

What to Expect During Your Cosmetic Tattoo Appointment

Do some research on how you want your brows to look. Flip through magazines, Instagram, or online beauty blogs. Also, think about what works for your unique skin tone, facial structure, style, and hair color.

Consider how happy you are with your current hair color and if you might change it within the next few years. Some people just want to fill in thin areas, whereas others want a big, bold change. If you’re not sure, don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of time to get insight from our expert cosmetic tattoo artists! We also provide microblading in Vancouver, Camas, and Salmon Creek!

When you’re ready for your new brows, your eyebrow tattoo artist will set up a one-on-one consultation where they will:

  • Take the time to help you decide on which shape and color work for your features
  • Outline and measure your brow line, showing you exactly where the pigment will be applied
  • Sanitize and anesthetize the area
  • Work with a one-time-use hand-tool to draw fine hair strokes along your brow
  • Send you home with a complete aftercare plan to maintain the perfection of your new eyebrow tattoo!

Eyebrow tattoos for Ridgefield beauties are within reach! Call or stop by our studio to get started on your exciting new permanent makeup solution!

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Great Experience!

This was scary for me to undergo, but the team at Ayna made it easy and made me feel safe. Great job. I’m so happy I did it!

Bethany N.